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…Where we sell antique TOYS and TRAINS all year round!

Maurer’s Auctions has been a trusted marketplace for those interested in buying and selling toys and trains for decades. People of all ages participate in our auctions in the pursuit of discovering and exchanging old-fashioned gems. To enjoy following our auction activity online, we invite you to browse upcoming auctions, review past auction results and register today!

Our goal is to provide an easy and direct approach to facilitate auction opportunities for those who find collecting vintage items like toys and trains fun and interesting.

Whether buying or selling, we encourage you to check out our auction services, as well as our prices, to see how easy it can be!

Maurer’s Auctions has been selling toy train collections for hundreds of clients for over 50 years. Our reputation has been earned by providing quality, honest service to our customers, both buying and selling. Welcome to our site.